Clusters and districts


COMET is the reference subject for the activation of synergies between public and private entities in the the Metalworking Cluster with the aim of developing its potential.

In addition to Cluster-based sharing and knowledge activities, COMET develops activities aimed at promoting the Cluster at the national and international level, activating collaborations with Research Centers, Institutes, Clusters and enterprises that can bring benefits and opportunities to regional entrepreneurs. 

Among the supporting entities we can mention the Universities of Trieste and Udine with their respective faculties of engineering and related departments (e.g. Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and managerial Engineering and Inter-departmental Research Centres); the Science and Technology Parks, including the Area Science Park of Trieste, Friuli Innovazione of Udine and the Technological Hub "Andrea Galvani" of Pordenone, LAMA FVG, an advanced mechatronics centre dedicated to industrial innovation and the National Technology Cluster - Intelligent Factory.