Development trajectories

The activities coordinated by COMET have led to the establishment of thematic forums involving the main stakeholders of the territory. These forums have identified three scientific and technological trajectories relevant to the metal and mechanical supply chain:

Trajectory 1: Solutions and technologies for integrated design and product innovation/intelligent machines.

  • Technologies for innovating new or existing products, through research, development, or the adoption of innovative methodologies and solutions for the modelling, simulation, design and prototyping activities.
  • Methods, solutions and technologies for introducing new product features based on the use of:
    • ICT technologies for the collection, transmission and analysis of data.
    • Advanced robotic systems, mechatronics technologies and advanced automation.
    • Innovative processing technologies.
    • High-performance materials, treatments and surface coatings.
    • Traceability and anti-counterfeiting of the product.

Trajectory 2: Technologies for advanced production processes - "Intelligent Factory".

  • Methods and technologies for improving the company's internal production processes, in the perspective of the so-called "Intelligent Factory", by developing new technology solutions or adopting innovative technologies.
  • New production processes based on innovative machining technologies.

Trajectory 3: Technologies for managing and developing the organisation.

  • Adoption of innovative solutions in organising business processes.
  • Solutions for an effective enterprise-wide management of big data and advanced ICT solutions for the visualisation, real-time analysis, data retention and IT security.