Furniture and Home System

Based on the product categories defined by the MISE, the Furniture and Home System Cluster includes all the activities of planning, production and sale of products that are counted in the domestic environment and contract sector.  

In 2017, the Furniture and Home System Cluster counted on whole more than 29,000 companies located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, mostly concentrated between Udine and Pordenone. The two main sectors of the regional home system, which are the wood industry and that of  products in wood and cork (Ateco 16) and that of furniture (Ateco 31), alone counted in the same year 2,545 active companies and 22,315 employees (Source: Istat).  

The wood and furniture sector contributed some 10.6% to the export of manufacturing in 2017, with a volume equal to 1.57 billion Euros. The principal markets of destination are: United Kingdom (19.4% of total exports), Germany (13.6%), France (13.3%), United States (7.3%), Spain (3.6%). These countries counted for 5.2% of total exports in 2017. Exports of the wood and furniture sector are mainly destined for Europe, even though the companies export to other continents, some of which are showing strong growth including China, while others are growing more slowly (Canada and Arab Emirates).