Smart health

Clusters and districts


CBM - Distretto tecnologico della Biomedicina Molecolare (Molecular Biomedicine Technology District) - recognised by Regional Law 26/2005 (Article 29) and identified as "Innovation District" under Regional Law 3 of 20.02.2015, better known as RilancimpresaFVG, has the role of developing the potential of the "Intelligent Health" Cluster in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region starting from the biomedical, biotechnology and bioinformatics fields. In this context, CBM has the task of creating a close link between the industrial system, the research system and the regional and national institutions in order to develop synergies between all public and private stakeholders in the entire regional health sector. Within the Intelligent Specialisation Strategy S3: "Smart Health", CBM plays a leading role in building collaboration relationships between the players in the industry, with the aim of increasing the regional economic development rates and the rate of innovation pursued by enterprises.

Currently, the Smart Health FVG Cluster includes 125 companies that have expressed interest in joining the Cluster’s activities, and 14 FVG Research and Healthcare Organisations with the 3 Regional Universities (University of Trieste, Udine and SISSA), Elettra Sincrotrone, the National Research Council (CNR), the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), the Foundation for Hepatic Studies (Fondazione Studi Fegato), the Integrated Healthcare Companies of the universities of Trieste and Udine, the Scientific Research and Healthcare Institutes (IRCCS Burlo Garofolo of Trieste and CRO- Oncological Reference Centre of Aviano).

In addition, the Cluster incudes 4 Science and Technology Parks (PS&T) of the region (Area Science Park of Trieste, Technology Park of Pordenone, Luigi Danieli Science Park and Udine Consortium Innova FVG of Amaro) and the Public Personal Care Services company ITIS of Trieste.

In support of training, the "ITS Alessandro Volta Foundation for the New Technologies of Life in Trieste" prepares Senior Technicians in the biomedical, biotechnology and bioinformatics fields.

As a member of the National Cluster of Life Sciences ALISEI (Advanced Life Science in Italy), CBM represents the entity of reference and the coordinator of the regional technological area of Life Sciences at both the national and European levels. The ALISEI Cluster includes 13 different regional representatives, 5 national research bodies and 3 business associations.