Maritime Technologies

The Sea Economy sector is one of the most significant segments of the regional economy (3.6% of enterprises) with more than 2 billion euro in export sales in 2017 representing 42.2% of the blue economy at the national level (5.1 billion euro). The province of Gorizia, with 1339 million euro in export of the shipbuilding industry, is also in the first place for the incidence on the overall provincial economy (55.6%). In these terms, in the ranking of the top ten exporting provinces, we also find Trieste and Udine: the first one at the 2nd place in shipbuilding sector (766,8 million euro), the second one at the 3rd place in fishing sector (451 milion euro). Moreover, in the years 2011-2017, the Northeast increased by 4.2% the number of enterprises in the sector, in contrast with national and European data, also thanks to the diversification implemented by many operators, still within the blue economy, and the attention dedicated to the sector by the regional strategy.