Development trajectories

The "Intelligent specialisation strategy” of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region approved by Regional Council Decree no. 590 of April 8, 2016 specifically identifies, among the areas of regional specialisation, the "agri-food" sector.
The development and competitiveness of the agri-food sector will therefore be supported, in the course of the 2014-2020 programming cycle, also by funding under Axis I "Strengthening Research, Technological Development and Innovation" that is part of the ERDF Regional Operational Program (ROP). The European Regional Development Fund will, in particular, finance design proposals in line with the following development trajectories of the agri-food sector

  1. Integration of innovation interventions on the agri-food chains to create value for the consumer
    Development of an integrated approach to agri-food in order to increase the value of territorial resources, ensuring product safety and using the following elements:
    a) Targeted agriculture and sustainable farming, also taking into account climate changes.
    b) Industrial innovation through the efficiency of processes, packaging and preservation, traceability and identification, environmental sustainability of the materials produced and used, functionalisation of components or products, application of advanced biomolecular techniques, creation of "new foods" or safer foods, also depending on the target markets.
  2. Integration of the concepts of circularity and sustainability in the agricultural and food economy of the regional territory.
    Enhancement of the potential of the territory, in full respect of local communities, of rural and coastal ecosystems for the production of energy and new bio-based products, of the circular economy, through the use of innovative technologies, bio-refineries and green chemistry, starting from:
    a) The production of renewable resources from agriculture, forestry and aquaculture.
    b) The recovery of by-products (waste) and of secondary materials from production and transformation.
  3. Value development through the constant integration of information throughout the agricultural and food chain.
    Introduction of innovative systems for harvesting, sharing and distributing of products as well as related information, in order to:
    a) Facilitate the development and distribution of value along the production chains, also through the organisation of accessible platforms for accessing Cluster data; b) Improve consumer information on aspects related to: traceability, origin, nutritional values and environmental sustainability; c) Facilitate and ease the operations of controlling, certifying and accrediting local productions and transformations also for the purpose of their internationalisation.